At Endeavor Aviation it is our mission to not just take you on a plane ride, but to make sure that you experience a truly top notch adventure!


Colin Graham Airline Transport Pilot Montana

Colin Graham - Senior Pilot

Airline Transport Pilot

Colin is a certified airline transport pilot with thousands of hours of flight experience. He has flown all over the world, in countries such as New Zealand, Japan, China, Thailand, Canada and Mexico. When he is not showcasing the scenery of the Gallatin Valley from our plane, he gets a very different view while piloting charter jets to and from our beautiful area.

Colin opened Endeavor Aviation, Inc in 2001, after a long childhood love of aviation. He initially got into hot-air ballooning which is still enjoyed by the Graham family but the overall love of aviation has now spread into all things fixed-wing.

Brittany Graham Airplane Tours Photographer

Brittany Graham - Passenger Liaison, Photographer

Brittany joined the Endeavor Aviation team after a chance encounter with our chief pilot in a bookstore in 2011. Colin and Brittany were married in 2012.

Brittany is passionate about making sure each memory being celebrated on our tours is truly special. Relax and enjoy the ride, and Brittany will handle the rest! When she is not helping our tour team, Brittany is a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as a certified sign language interpreter.

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